Penal Code 1026


If the jury finds the defendant was insane at the time the offense was committed, the court shall order the defendant to be confined in a state hospital or other appropriate facility or be placed on outpatient status. Before confinement or placement on outpatient status is ordered, the community program director shall evaluate the defendant and submit a written recommendation to the court. If the court orders that the defendant be confined, the court shall provide copies of the following documents to the facility in which the defendant will be confined: the commitment order, statement of the maximum term of the commitment, State Summary Criminal History information, any arrest reports, any court-ordered psychiatric examination or evaluation reports, and the community director's placement recommendation report. If the defendant is confined in a facility, the medical director of the facility shall submit a written report of the defendant's progress to the court. The court shall send copies of the report to

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Community program director, psychiatrist, facility medical director, Department of Corrections
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Court, community program director, facility medical director
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Uses and disclosures for which an authorization or opportunity to agree or object is not required : for judicial and administrative proceedings